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Are you ready to take your life to the next level, ready to start a  business or already have started a business but you need help, need direction and support on becoming successful? …. the list goes on!

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

What Can Expect From Working With Me?

  • Less stress, anxiety and frustration
  • More energy and excitement about your future progress in life
  • More towards motivation and inspiration around your personal goals
  • To transform your self-image and self-belief
  • To feel more confident than ever
  • To improve your overall fulfilment, joy and freedom
  • Feeling supported by having a success team who are in your corner

Client Testimonials

“Charlotte has been an absolute rockstar in my life! Ever since she recently came into my life, her coaching has opened up so many opportunities for me and so much positivity has been coming my way nonstop because of what she has taught me!” – Lexi, Texas, USA

“I had no confidence in 2016 and Charlotte reached out to me to offer her help with my mindset. I went for it and my life has changed so much for the better since she started coaching me. Not only has my mindset shifted but she supported me to a point where I got my health back on track resulting in losing 17kg/37lbs. I can never thank Charlotte enough for how she has helped me.” – Oliver, Melbourne, Australia

I first met Charlotte about 2 years ago, we had an instant rapport. Since then we have developed an amazing relationship & would rate her as one of my closest confidants. There’s absolutely no bs with Charlotte, she coaches from her heart and the tools she has gifted to me have empowered me to deal with losing my youngest son to Suicide in April this year in the most positive way possible, to recognise grief as unspent love & to take what could easily have been soul destroying event, to most, to be an empowering enlightenment. Thank you Charlotte from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and support – Alan, Brisbane, Australia


Hi my name is Charlotte Mary, I am an International Personal Development Coach & Speaker.

I am changing the lives of people globally one person at a time.

My clients include high performance sports teams , international business leaders, ex-military personnel, entrepreneurs and high level executives.

I use cutting edge science based bio-feedback technology along with my wealth of experience to achieve incredible results with my clients globally.



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